Pricing on Specific Services

Well Inspection
What does a well inspection include? Inspection of all well equipment including booster pump, pressure tank, holding tank, all plumbing, pumphouse structure and a flow test. This well inspection does not include Water Samples.

Water Tests:
Hardness $40.00
Nitrate $37.00
pH $30.00
Phosphate $29.00
Tannin $57.00
Arsenic $32.00
Copper $31.00
Iron $31.00
Lead $31.00
Manganese $31.00
Bacteria/Coliform $32.00
Kitsap 5 $148.00
Inorganic Chemicals(IOC) $470.00

Service Call
Service call provides a diagnosis and assessment of the issue you're having, it also covers the time and labor spent while there for up to 1 hour. This does not include any parts or equipment used. 

We no longer work on Fridays. Please keep this in mind for your scheduling needs.