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We no longer work on Fridays. Please keep this in mind for your scheduling needs.

Pricing on Specific Services


Other services are available but need to be tailored to each individual person, no well house is the same, no project is identical. Request an estimate! 

Well Inspection
What does a well inspection include? Inspection of all well equipment including booster pump, pressure tank, holding tank, all plumbing and pump house structure. This well inspection includes 1 bacteria sample. ($40 discount given if no bacteria sample is taken)

Bi-Annual Maintenance Service Automated Service
Relieve your headache and let Duckworth take care of it all. We will come every 6 months, change filters, refill salts, and check your system to ensure it's working properly. (This price does not include the cost of filters or salt replacement) We will call before we come to ensure it's something you'd still like. Let go, and let Duckworth! 

Annual Maintenance Service Automated Service
Dependent on your needs, instead of a bi annual check, we can do it annually.
Other Options:
Quarterly Maintenance Service

Monthly Maintenance Service

Ecology Compliance Package
(Water Systems Only with Annual Requirements)

Includes annual Static Water Level Measurement, annual Chloride and Conductivity samples, annual source read and reporting to the Department of Ecology on your behalf.  

Standard Tank Cleaning
Additional Tank On Same Trip: $352.24

Non-Standard Tank Cleaning:
Our specialists will have to give you a quote, prices change dependent on size. If you have an abnormally large tank, the price will increase from $704.50.

Common Water Tests:
Water Right $242.16 (This takes 2-6 Weeks To Get Back, But Is The Best For Determining Filtration Needs.)
Hardness $41.37
Conductivity $31.03

Nitrate $41.37
pH $31.03
Orthophosphate $36.20

Tannin $62.07
Arsenic $36.20
Copper $36.20
Iron $31.03
Lead $31.03
Manganese $33.77
Bacteria/Coliform $40.80
Creosote $86.74

Kitsap 5 $155.40
Inorganic Chemicals(IOC) $461.96

 If you're outside our service area, a travel charge will be added. To see if we're in your service area, please click here: Locations 

Service Call
Service call provides a diagnosis and assessment of the issue you're having, it also covers the time and labor spent while there for up to 30 minutes. This does not include any parts or equipment used. 

Hourly Rate

This rate comes into play when 30 minutes of work is exceeded.

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