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Mat Ten Elshof & Glenn Prindle

How We Got Our Start

Duckworth Pump and Well Drilling was started by Ron Duckworth in 1972 as Puget Sound Well Drilling.  Ron worked hard to provide the highest quality pump and well drilling services available.  In those early years he also installed sprinkler systems and did other jobs to make ends meet.  As the business grew, Ron was joined by his brother Don in 1978.  In 1991 Glenn Prindle joined the team to focus on the pump and water conditioning side of the business, and in 2021 we hired Mat Ten Elshof to assist him.  Over the years, the business saw other employees come and go.  Duckworth Pump and Well has purposefully stayed a small family-based company in order to maintain the dedication to quality and attention to detail.In 2018 Ron was ready to retire.  For many years prior Duckworth Pump and Well had worked closely with Northwest Water Systems, servicing many of the water systems they manage and installing some of the projects their engineers designed.  Another connection is that Ron's son-in-law was the President of Northwest Water.  Because the two companies shared so many values regarding quality, thoroughness, and caring about people, it seemed a natural transition for Northwest Water Systems to add pump work, water conditioning, and water system installation to their water system management and engineering services.With combined companies, we have the benefit of being able to serve our customers better.  Duckworth Pump and Well now has the technical expertise and support of our engineering and management staff.  In addition, the engineering and management team have access to the many years of practical knowledge Duckworth Pump and Well brings to the table.